9 Ways to Travel Successfully On A Budget

It’s a myth that an international vacation will make you go bankrupt. Plan smartly and you can travel to newer and diverse destinations almost every year, even as you save. Let us tell you how to travel on a budget! At Cosmos, we truly believe that the cost of your vacation should not put a stop to your travel dreams and keep you from the bucket list destinations on your mind. It’s our mission to help you get more value for your money!

Use the below list of eight of our favorite tips to help make your vacation dollars count more than ever:

Book Early

It is universally known that the earlier you book the better discounts there are, on flights and on the vacations. Cosmos offers discounts of up to 20% when you book early enough. It becomes hassle free as well, as you will have enough time to take care of logistics such as visas.

Save Money
Budgeting for your Travel

Travel with family and friends

Travel in a large group of people! Not only do you have more fun on your vacation, you also make some great savings. On your Cosmos vacation, just make up a group of eight or more. You, immediately, qualify for a group discount. And check with your preferred airline, discounts are not only on the tour packages but you can get them also flights.

Choose a good travel company

Travel with the best and you will get the best quality in the budget that you are looking for. With a history of more than 50 years, Cosmos understands the travelers’ needs through and through and gives the best possible value.

Picture of Colosseum, Rome
Colosseum at Rome

Use local transport

When you want to do anything special locally, try using the public transport. Most of the European and American cities have a very well established metro system, which is very easy to use and extremely convenient. Make the most of them, you could save up to 70% when you use the local buses and trains instead of the taxis.

Put on your walking shoes

Other than traveling by local transportation, another excellent way to travel around is to explore a city by foot. It is also one of the best ways to see the sights which you may miss otherwise. So, put on your comfortable shoes, turn on the GPS in your smartphone and head out!

Become a Researcher

When do you your research before your vacation starts, your travel becomes even more productive. Most of the tourism boards offer good value advice on each destination in their country. Use this information and get to know the best eateries, check out free sights like Museums, Galleries or any free walking tours organized locally, you may even visit the many magnificent public parks with great vistas. Like the Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York. You can even catch up on exclusive shows that you will love and turn out to be the highlight of the trip. Look out for good deals on Broadway or West End shows!

Visit the best of the sites
Heidelberg, Germany

What’s the weather? 

Always, always check the weather before you leave on any vacation! There are a lot of apps which offer up to date information on the weather forecasts. This helps you pack the right kind of clothes! Do not scramble for last-minute purchases in the extravagant touristy places with no options. And remember, there is almost always a rainy day on your vacation. So, take the umbrella and some layers of clothing!

Taste the local food

Food is an important part of the authentic destination experience! Like going to a tapas bar in Spain or eating pizzas off the roadside pizzeria in Italy, tasting the Cornish pasties at small shops in England – they are all a mandatory part of any vacation! That way you need not spend too much dough on the food and get the local fare. Remember we said you can go to the public parks, well, take a picnic basket with you and make an event out of it!

Shop at local markets

Be smart and shop where the local’s shop – not at the loud and brash tourist shops which have low-quality made-in-china souvenirs. Your loved ones will value what you gave them and your thoughtful gesture will not remain a formality!

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  1. I would be interested in a tour through Portugal, Morocco and Spain.
    Any suggestions?
    If so, please furnish tour plans/ budget/number of days/approx number of participants/ Possible dates between March and July 2019.

  2. I want to plan a holiday in Greece & Turkey this December…from 23/12/18 to 31/12/18…..for 3 adults.Please send me a tentative programme itenerary between the above dates,costing,inclusions etc.

    Departing & arrival …..KOLKATA.

  3. please send me the physical copy of COSMOS brochure for 2019 when it comes out. Also COSMOS should think of customized tours in India and also guided escorted tours for single women That will help many.

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