A Quick Guide to Prague

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A Quick Guide to Prague

Masked by stunning architecture and ornate buildings lies a city with a dark past and resilient people. Welcome to Prague. Today, the city has emerged as a lively, multi-cultural hotspot and a go-to destination for travelers. It is also one of Europe’s most affordable cities! Trust us, Prague is the perfect place to get lost (and to find yourself).

The vibrant rooftops of Prague


Currency: Czech Koruna (pronounced crown)

Population: 10.5 million

Language: Czech

Fun Fact: The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world


Hello = Dobrý Den

Goodbye/See You Later = Na schledanou

Please = Prosim

Thank you = Děkuji

I don’t speak Czech = Nemluvím česky

Beer = Pivo


Prague Castle & St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle, or Pražský Hrad, is unlike other European castles in that the castle itself is simple. Rather, it is the castle complex, perched atop the hill above the Vltava’s left bank, that lures visitors, offering them a stunning view of the city below. The complex also houses St. Vitus Cathedral, an intricate gothic structure that has served as the country’s most important religious site since its construction in 1344.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Charles Bridge

Finished in the early 1400s, Charles Bridge was built as a replacement to the former wooden model that stood in its place. For centuries, it served as the only permanent link between the two sides of the Vltava River.

Charles Bridge looking magnificent at night

Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock

Prague’s Old Town Square is one of the most magnificent and best-preserved in Europe. Unlike most central European capital cities that were destroyed entirely in World War II, many of Prague’s original buildings remain intact, including the pieces of the Astronomical Clock, which was originally constructed in 1410.

Get Impressed with the Astronomical Clock

John Lennon Wall

In the 1980s, when the former Czechoslovakia was ruled by Communism, pacifist youth began marking the wall with John Lennon lyrics, quotes and peace messages. Today, the wall remains a site for words of peace, though it also offers visitors a chance to leave their mark on the city.

John Lennon Wall – the place where freedom is expressed in all its colors!

Prague is home to the world’s largest castle, spanning over 18 acres. Talk about original and priceless! And no one brings you Prague like Cosmos. With quality hotels, deluxe transportation and sightseeing with a local expert, travel and discover the magic that is Prague! Check CosmosVacations.in for more details about vacations to Prague and Eastern Europe.

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