Traveling Makes You a Storyteller

Cosmos Globus
Arenal Hanging Bridges


Every journey tells a story! When you travel around the world, you meet interesting people, delve into incredible cultures, seek new experiences – and a story is born. You will repeat your own piece of personal history time and again to those who are dear to you.  So, what’s your story?

A remarkable flavor adds to this anecdote when you have multi-cultural companions to live these moments with. You can further enhance it with the new found knowledge gained from a local expert who belongs to the destination and tells you the tales of the land, as you relive the olden times.

Travel around the world and collect little gems so you can come up with your own travel stories!

No one is too old for fairytales – Anonymous

The Fairytale Neushwanstein Castle

The most popular must be the picture-perfect image of a fairytale castle, the magnificent NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE located at Bavaria, Germany. It is also the inspiration of most famous Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Travel further east to visit Dracula’s BRAN CASTLE, built in the 13th century. Located dramatically atop a hill, it has attracted people from all over for its fascinating, if morbid legends. Go up north to Scandinavia to view a completely different architecture at King Gustav’s GRIPSHOLM CASTLE with its huge round towers, complete with onion-dome tops, high brick walls, and lush lawns!

The world has music for those who listen – George Santana

Private Concert at Schonbrunn Palace

Picture yourself sitting in Schonbrunn Palace – the former imperial residence at Vienna! And envelope yourself by musical notes of the best of western classical music! All that in your own private concert! When music and travel come together, they transcend you to a higher plane of true living. If you are a music aficionado, make sure to intersperse your journeys across the world with the musical elements and enhance your vacation. When you visit ABBA museum at Stockholm, get awed by the street musicians at Prague, witness performances of bagpiper music by the Highlanders of Scotland, get serenaded by a gondolier in Venice and more.

Go where people dance – Anonymous

Dance the Tango at Argentina

Learn to swing your way with an elegant TANGO lesson in Buenos Aires. Up north in USA, enjoy the performances of the indigineous tribes at Alaska or the graceful polynesian dancers in Hawaii. Across the oceans, you have the high-energy Scottish Highlanders at Edinburgh, Scotland. And who can say no to a vibrant FLAMENCO Show, the pride of Spain which revves you up with the colors and the exuberance? Get introduced to the delightful SIRTAKI dance of Greece, a modern folkdance, taught by experts. The Orient boasts its own forms of dances – from the APSARAdance at Cambodia to the dance and show by KUNGFU performers at Beijing and the FINGERNAIL DANCE by the Thai!

Seeing the major sights at a destination is only part of the equation. Doing what the locals do is what journal entries are made of. So, go ahead and make your own stories from your own travels. We are waiting to hear your story! 

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