Travel Resolutions – Start Anytime You Want and Go Anywhere You Want!

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Travel Resolutions

Who says you can take resolutions only during a new year?! Whether it is delving into the splendor of Rome or getting enamored by the magnificence of the Scandinavian Fords or retracing the steps of historical legends of Greece, for those who love traveling, anytime is a good time to make travel resolutions! So, let us give you some tips on how to go about planning your travel resolutions to anywhere – Europe or Alaska or Canada:

List out your destination bucket list

Make a list of cities or countries you have on your bucket list which you definitely do! You could make it a series or relate them to a theme. Like travel to all the continents before you turn 50 or run all the major marathons or visit the seven wonders of the world! In fact, you can choose to travel within your country, it doesn’t have to be international travel every time!

Choose your Destination
Choose your Destination

Join language classes

‘I love you’ sounds so much more romantic in French, doesn’t it? Join French or Italian classes and learn the local language. Travel to the country to collect the sounds of the same language. There is nothing more thrilling than to converse in a foreign land in the newly learned foreign language. In fact, when you learn Spanish, you can travel to Spain or any of the South American countries from Brazil to Chile to Peru and still feel at home! Download language apps on your smartphone to help you with phrases when you stuck.

Travel alone

Sure traveling with friends and family is great fun. But you can choose your own sights and path when you travel solo. You are more open to making friends; you don’t have to please anyone and do what is right for you. And if you are concerned about safety, why not join a group tour? It gives you the balance of included sightseeing and enough free time. It also offers you the security of a group to travel around. In such groups, the tour director will take care of all the hassles of logistics too. So, that leaves you free to immerse in the destination. After all, traveling alone is fun!

Solo Travel
Solo Travel

Become a connoisseur

Travel doesn’t have to be just a leisurely activity. You can use your holiday to also pursue your passions. Go on a Gourmet Tour to Tuscany in Italy because that is where you can learn how to make authentic Italian food beyond the pasta. Want to brush up on your painting skills? Visit Amsterdam, after all, that’s the place to learn about art. Why not travel to magical Paris? So, you can get updated on the newest trends of the famous French pastries and cupcakes. What’s more, you can return home to flaunt your new found talents and become the true connoisseur.

Learn something new!
Learn something new!

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