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Globus and Cosmos Announce “Small Group Discovery” Tours

Travel for all its wonders and delights is a group activity. We meet people from across the world on our travels. In fact, very few of us travel in isolation. Instead, when we explore the world, we share experiences with wayfarers from across the globe. We form bonds with our traveling companions and we fall in love with the warm hospitality of the locals. We also share airplanes, town squares, markets, and must-see landmarks. When travelers choose Globus or Cosmos, they’re choosing to explore the world in a small group of like-minded travelers: People who stick together from start-to-finish. Now more than ever, there’s a great comfort – and extraordinary confidence – in that choice.



For 2021, Globus and Cosmos are making their group experiences even smaller with SMALL GROUP DISCOVERY tours on ALL departures through Central & South AmericaAsiaAfrica, and select departures in the South Pacific.

With an average of 20 guests per departure, in 2021, you will enjoy a Small Group Discovery that promises room to roam, while getting up-close and personal to fascinating places. Whether traversing the trails of Machu Picchu, taking a game-drive through Kenya, or strolling under canopies of orange blossoms in Japan, you will be in good company, on the Small Group Discoveries on Globus or Cosmos.


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