5 Bucket-list Vacations for 2019

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Our top destinations for 2019 are focused on checking off those iconic landmarks and bucket-list destinations you have been dreaming of. Isn’t it time to start putting your travel dreams first? To stop wondering what spectacular Scotland looked like and to actually immerse yourself into it? And to stop imagining yourself sipping on a fine Tuscan Chianti and to actually uncork a bottle? Iceland has been on your mind, well, get it to it – NOW!! After all, it’s YOUR time to tour.

Idyllic Iceland

Vistas from Iceland
Vistas from Iceland

Get on an amazing 8-day journey that begins and ends in the capital city of Reykjavik. Experience its unique, almost lunar landscapes, as well as the simple but interesting culture of its people. Iceland is full of spectacular natural wonders. Rugged coastline, glacier-covered volcano, and stunning vistas of wetlands, and wildlife!! Certainly, the magical beauty of Iceland’s geology, nature, and culture is a trip for the ages.

During the winter months, it will be likely for you to experience the spectacular natural wonder of the northern lights, or “Aurora Borealis.” The spectacular phenomenon of a stunning spectrum of light and shapes dancing against the backdrop of the night sky is sure to create indelible memories.

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Gourmet Tuscany

Rolling hills of Tuscany
Rolling hills of Tuscany

On this affordable Italian tour package, the town of Montecatini serves as your home base. You venture out daily to explore the surrounding landscapes of breathtaking Tuscany. Here, you’ll indulge in picturesque scenery, world-class local wines, traditional cuisine, and cultural discoveries via eight days of regional excursions.

You’ll make daily excursions through bountiful vineyards, olive groves, and chestnut trees. Also, you visit the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci to experience the Renaissance master’s life and art. Visit quaint wine shops, cafes, historic estates, and museums. Also, immerse yourself in the history and traditions.

In addition to sampling the local gourmet Tuscan fare, treat yourself to an authentic Italian cooking lesson. In a rustic Tuscan farmhouse, enjoy your culinary creations – complete with master-chef prizes. Also, learn the art of Italian dessert-making at your hotel.

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Scottish Outlander Adventure

Impressive Edinburgh Castle
Impressive Edinburgh Castle

Take a journey into the fabled land of adventure on this affordable vacation in Scotland. From the elegant Georgian squares in Glasgow, to the rugged hills and serene lochs up north. Subsequently, travel further to legendary Edinburgh – home to famous scientists, inventors, and novelists. Visit Edinburgh Castle to see the Crown Jewels. In particular, be thrilled by the Royal Military Tattoo which you can witness for specific departures. This parade is a mass spectacle of Scottish pipe bands, music, dance, and pageantry by performers from around the world.

Scotland also offers  the magnificent St. Andrews—the home of golf.  The most well known place in Highlands – Inverness – showcases spectacular Scottish landscapes and vistas. Later, visit Isle of Skye to get mermerized with the beauty of the place. Included a visit to Glenfinnan and the monument to fallen clansmen, the viaduct that is recognizable to Harry Potter fans! Try your luck at spotting Nessie the mystical moster at Loch Lomond.

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Scenic Slovenia & Croatia

Views of Dubrovnik
Views of Dubrovnik

If you’re fascinated by beautiful views, this Eastern Europe tour will delight as you surround yourself in the greens and blues of this exhilarating vacation. With this tour, you also get to visit some of the best known UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spectacular natural scenery, historical sights, and exciting cities await you on this fantastic tour. Travel through Mediterranean Eastern Europe, including Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Slovenia.

In Croatia, you’ll visit Plitvice National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Did you know it is famous for its lakes, waterfalls, and forests? Further, experience Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, with a beautiful coastline and dramatic limestone cliffs. Visit the Postojna Caves in Slovenia, with its web of tunnels and stalactites, via a train ride and walking tour. Here, you get to see Europe’s most extensive and best-known caves.

At Dubrovnik and Split, get enthralled with the most interesting sites of the past dating back to the 1300s! Finally, in Sarajevo, go to the Gazi Husrev-Beg Mosque, built in 1530. In particular, this was the most important architectural monument from the time of Ottoman rule.

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Paris, Normandy & Loire

Magnificent Eiffel Tower
Magnificent Eiffel Tower

This northern France tour is the perfect way for travelers looking for economy!! Here, you get to see the highlights of Paris plus the Loire Valley and Normandy. Beautiful scenery combined with famous landmarks and fascinating history sum up this tour. First, visit some of northern France’s interesting and charming towns, including Rouen, best known for its connection to Joan of Arc. Here, step into the splendid gothic cathedral, which was once the world’s tallest building and the subject of a series of Claude Monet’s paintings. Also, visit Honfleur, a romantic port city. Next to Rennes, with its traditional, colorful timber-framed houses. Later, don’t miss Blois which is a picturesque town with its renaissance castle located in the town center. Afterward, proceed to Chartres, famous for pilgrimages to its 13th-century gothic cathedral.

In Bayeux, follow the story of the Norman conquest of England in 1066 depicted on the Bayeux Tapestry, listed by UNESCO. Lastly, World War II history comes to life as you visit the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach and the landing beaches.

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So, don’t just dream! Choose your vacation now!

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