5 Stunning Landscapes To Add To Your Bucketlist

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Enjoyment of the landscape is a thrill – David Hockney

Landscapes are Earth’s way of poetry. Majestic mountains, scenic lakes, verdant green forests – they make your travel even more magical and leave you yearning for more. Travel around the world and discover stunning landscapes that take your breath away with their sheet beauty. What’s more, they will look good on your Instagram account too!

Here is a collection of the World’s most stunning landscapes that you absolutely need to add to your bucketlist!

Maligne Lake, Canada

Set amongst the towering Canadian Rockies, MALIGNE LAKE is definitely the jewel of the crown of the rockies. With it’s azure-blue, glacial waters, Spirit Island remains one of the most photographed spots in Canada.

Spectacular Maligne Lake, Jasper

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

A highlight of any vacation to Argentia is undoubtedly a visit to El Calafate, home to PERITO MORENO GLACIER, one of the largest in the world and still advancing! Get a chance to walk on catwalks overlooking the glacier and, with luck, you’ll witness glacier pieces calving into the waters below!

Perito Moreno Glacier. Argentina

Sognefjord, Norway

Gorgeous fjords, breathtaking mountains, serene lakes, gleaming glaciers, and thundering waterfalls – all these stunning landscapes – are yours to discover on a Scenic Norway tour. SOGNEFJORD, also called the ‘King of Fjords’, is Norway’s deepest, longest fjords and it’s famous arm the Nærøyfjord has World Heritage status.

Sognefjord, Norway

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

When you travel to Ireland, your must visit list has to include the awe-inspiring GIANT’S CAUSEWAY. Hear how millions of years ago, the earth cracked open, lava forced its way out, and as it cooled slowly and evenly, more than 40,000 interlocking basalt columns were formed, leading from the cliff foot into the sea.

Causeway, Ireland

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

If you’re interested in beautiful scenery with the best landscapes, Croatia will delight you to bits. Enjoy walking around PLITVICE NATIONAL PARK. This place is famous for its pristine lakes, thundering waterfalls, and gorgeous forests.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

So, have you choosen your next vacation yet?

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