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You have always wanted to travel in a group but have so many questions! Here are some of the answers you have been searching for. Especially, if you have been wanting to travel on a Cosmos vacation.

What exactly is included in my vacation?

This is probably the first thing to come to your mind when you book your Cosmos group tour. Cosmos offers the true value of your vacation with accurate detailed vacation description on the website and in the brochures. This information is unusually specific about accommodation, touring in deluxe motor coaches, sightseeing, and included meals. The agenda for the group is spelled out for each day with exactly what is included in the price. Sightseeing with Local Guides is clearly listed. Inside visits are shown as UPPERCASE in the tour description, including admission charges, where applicable.

How hectic is my vacation going to be?

Cosmos offers over 100 vacations and while some are very leisurely paced, others are more of a medium pace. Typically, Panorama vacations cover more countries/cities in a short duration. This makes a vacation quick paced. On the other hand, ‘Regional Discoveries’ are at a medium to leisurely pace since they cover smaller distances. Having said that, every group tour on Cosmos has a pace meter on the brochure indicating its pace which makes it easy for you to decide.

Cosmos coach on location
Cosmos coach on location

How long will we be on the road each day?

Driving time varies for each vacation. It depends on the itinerary to itinerary. When driving between cities, the motor coach stops after every 1.5-2 hours at places where the group can pick up a snack/meal and use restrooms. Most vacations do not include drives from one city to another every day.

Wake-Up times differ from tour to tour
Wake-Up times differ from tour to tour

How early will I have to wake up on the vacations?

On Cosmos, the wake-up call differs based on the type of vacation, the season when you are traveling, the city that you are in, and even the weather. Wake-up times are not the same each day, and the Tour Director will advise you of these once the tour begins. Early starts offer the group the advantage of reaching sightseeing spots before the rush, leaving you free the rest of the day to enjoy the destination and to do as you please.

Local Flavors
Local Flavors

What meals are included in my vacation?

The exact number of meals included on your tour is specified on the itinerary. Daily Breakfast is a part of the hotel stay on most vacations. However, in US & Canada, you may have to purchase your own breakfast at an extra cost if you would like. But some included hotels may offer complimentary breakfast. Our vacations strive to introduce you to authentic flavors, so you and the group can enjoy the destination in a deeper way. Therefore, included meals are usually local or continental. You can request for vegetarian meals at the time of booking. Best to also have a word with the Tour Director when on tour and give your exact specifications. In certain countries and regions, such as North America’s National Parks, vegetarian meals may have limited options.

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Are group tours convenient for single travelers?

Roshni who traveled on Cosmos tour of Prague, Vienna & Budapest
Roshni who traveled on the Cosmos tour of Prague, Vienna & Budapest

Travel doesn’t have to be a couple or group activity! In fact, more than a third of our travelers are out there seeing the world on their own. So, we’ve designed a great way for solo travelers to avoid paying the single room supplement and save money. We accept “guaranteed share” reservations that match up solo travelers of the same gender in twin-bedded rooms. And if no other traveler books “guaranteed share” on your chosen vacation, we’ll set you up in a single room at no extra charge! But if you are a solo traveler who prefers the privacy of your own room, Cosmos can reserve single accommodations as well for you.


Who will be my travel companions in the group on tour?

We know it is very important for you to know what kind of company you will have while on a Cosmos tour. Our vacations are very popular worldwide. We have people of all ages, cultures and professional backgrounds. They will include many nationalities, including American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and many others. This provides you with a wonderful opportunity to make friends from around the world. Why not introduce yourself and mix with your fellow travelers? It will be more fun for you than being on your own. Our travelers have also formed life-long relationships on tours and have even planned their next vacations together.

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Tour Directors on Cosmos - The Bestest of the Best
Tour Directors on Cosmos – The Bestest of the Best

What would be the background of my Tour Directors? Where are they from?

Every Cosmos vacation is special. It is made extra special because of the experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated Tour Directors who escort each tour. These friendly professionals are highly respected, are trained in dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds. All the while they work hard to provide you with an enjoyable and hassle-free vacation. These experts will regale you with delightful stories and give local insights which will immerse you totally into your destination. They work behind the scenes and take care of all logistics throughout the journey. Many also hold professional degrees and are highly qualified.

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Expert drivers, they are, alright!

Your drivers ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey as the group discovers new places on the vacation. They navigate through heavy traffic. And they also ensure your motorcoach is neat and tidy for your next day of travel. The motorcoach is almost like shrine to them and they treat is with the utmost respect. Ofcourse, they expect the same from the group as well!

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