Italy for the Gourmet Connoisseur – Top Ten Reasons

Italy for the Gourmet Connoisseur

No other destination in Europe, or should we say across the world, comes closer to being heaven than Italy when it comes to culinary delights. A vacation to Italy becomes experiential. After all, it takes on many more layers as you traverse across the country, relishing its various treasures. It will, therefore, invariably become a food and wine tour. So, want to discover where to taste the delights of authentic Italian cuisine? Read more from this blog post about Italy!

Parmesan Cheese 

Rows of Cheese Slabs at a Cheese Factory in Parma
Rows of Cheese Slabs at a Cheese Factory in Parma

Parma is a charming quaint town located in Northern Italy. Most importantly, it is famous for its unique cheese named after the town – Parmigiano-Reggiano – more popularly known as Parmesan Cheese. This is the very same cheese you sprinkle liberally to elevate the tastes of pastas, risottos and salads. Visit the cheese factory to learn how the cheese is processed and also, attend a tasting session to relish its flavors.

Balsamic Vinegar 

Vinegar Tasting, did we say? We assure you, this is a must-do, not just on a culinary tour to Italy but on any vacation that goes to Italy. Traditional Balsamic vinegar is velvety, glossy and a rich dark brown with a viscous consistency. Because it is made with locally harvested grapes only in the regions of Reggio, Emilia and Modena, it is quite a delicacy. Experts mature over decades to make it a true vintage. And believe us, this divine vinegar will delight your taste buds!

Balsamic Vinegar
Italians add a dash of balsamic vinegar to make their dishes delectable

Trivia: Modena also is famous for another landmark on the Italian Tourist Circuit – the Ferrari Museum. Make sure you donot miss the exciting a story of Ferrari that has made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over!


Considered the Italian capital of rice, Vercelli has been cultivating rice since the 15th century! Food lovers across Europe purchase rice originating from Vercelli to make the best risotto. When you are in Italy, plan a visit to Vercelli and indulge in the freshest risotto right across the fields from which it is harvested!

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Olive Oil

To make the best of olive oil, we need the corect terrain, weather and the region. And that is what the most authentic Italian oil mills have at Spello. You will probably be in raptures as you discover the tastes of the most delightful olive oils. You will also understand why the flavors are so important for Italian specialities. Why, even the Masterchefs around the world rave about them!

Italy’s most famous beverage – Olive Oil!
Italy’s most famous beverage – Olive Oil!

Wonderful Wines

Traditionally, France is supposed to be destination for world famous wineries. However, Italy gives it some stiff competition. The main wine region here is definitely the Tuscan region of the country. This beautiful site is not just a spectacular holiday spot, it is also the heartland of the best of Italy’s vineyards. While you sip daintily on a glass of Chianti or a Brunello, also look across the arresting vistas of Tuscan country-side. So, discover here the best of the Italian wines, perfect for every reason and every occasion.


Maybe it is the air, maybe it is the water! But clichéd as it sounds, Italians do make the best pasta ever!! Even the simplest of the restaurants have the most delectable pastas. You may even want to change your religion to Italian – if there was one such religion! In Italy, pastas come in more varieties and shapes than you can count.

Life is a combination of Magic and Pasta
Life is a combination of Magic and Pasta

Neapolitan Pizza

Did you make the mistake of thinking Italian food is all about pizzas? By now, you know that it is not! For the Italians themselves, the true pizza is the Neapolitan pizza. Made with San Marzano tomatoes and delicious Mozzarella cheese, the authentic taste of this treat when you travel to the region around Mount Vesuvius!

Italy’s Authentic Pizza – the Neapolitan Pizza
Italy’s Authentic Pizza – the Neapolitan Pizza


A staple of Sicily, Cannoli is a cylindrical shaped pastry dough, fried and filled with a sweet, creamy filling. It usually contains ricotta cheese sweetened with honey. Palermo and its surrounding areas offer the most traditional variety of Cannoli. A self-indulgent delectable light dessert especially to satisfy your sweet cravings. One bite will certainly transport you back to the old-world charm of Sicily.


Gelato, with its light texture and delightful flavors is much different from the traditional ice-cream as Italians make with milk as a core ingredient rather than cream. It comes with more intense colors and flavors with a diverse range. Therefore, you can consider it a true representative of the Italian culinary tradition. You can have Gelato at any time throughout the day. Especially during a hot Italian day as you stroll down the quaint cobbled streets!

So, next time you plan your travel to Italy for just a holiday on an escorted tour or accompany an international group of culinary experts, choose from the divine options that Italy offers you in her land!

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